I consider myself extremely lucky. Among the reasons: I have a great employer and just enough slack in my workload to head out for a quick weekend of skiing to clear my head and recharge my batteries for the quarter. They got over 30" here in Denver this week.

I am working remotely today. It made sense to fly early and use the airport's free wireless. You hear that BOS, LGA, JFK, DCA, IAD, ATL, and so on and so on and so on...? FREE. There are ads at the top of this screen and I couldn't care a lick about 'em.

A day at the airport is a day of people watching. You get to see people at their ... well, you get to see a lot of interesting people. Like the couple next to me this morning. They ordered his and hers breakfast sandwiches. He got sausage. The server asked if they wanted topings. Husband joshingly nudged wife and indicated the bottle of hot peppers on the counter. I was amused. I am pretty certain that the look on her face taught me the meaning of "withering." Heck, I felt bad for having thought inwardly that he was funny.

Oh, and apparently kids are like cars. When I bought a civic, they were everywhere. Now, everywhere I turn there are babies. That I still love my civic bodes well, I think.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, the things I've seen at airports...it's amazing I don't suffer from PTSD.