Helo-stic Medicine

I bought a the Bullet RC Helo from Woot. This was, it should be no surprise, an impulse buy. That is really rare in my house. Which is why this is not at my house, it is at the office. There is a long standing office toy hierarchy. There is the inaminate but pliable. Into this category fall my magnetic kennex-style toy and my poker chips (5, $1, Borgata). Second, there are the power-hungry, but stupid. I don't have any of these, but they include things like USB cup warmers and mood lamps. Perhaps they include digital frames, but we'll leave those solidly in the "remind my why I am doing this again?" pile. Finally, there are the animate and controllable. USB nerf rocket launchers, air-burst canons, and, of course, anything remote controlled. If it flies all the better.
Surprisingly, 5 minutes with this is incredibly relaxing. It is so much the opposite of everything else I do that it really helps clear the mind. Of course, there is some discretion involved. The sound of a very small leaf blower lets those walking down the hall know exactly what's going on.
Here is it in action:

For a more ridiculous experience, add a camera:

Woot Apache Helicopter Fun - Click here for funny video clips

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Rella said...

Aww, now I wish I had bought one when I had the chance...