It's Not Over, So There's Shouting

The Pats. 10-5 and, currently, out of the playoffs even if they beat Buffalo next week. What they needed this week was for the Jets to lose, causing an angry Brett Favre to stomp the Dolphins next week, putting the Pats at the top of the AFC East. That's wishful thinking, until one considers that Miami has won 8 of their last 9 over teams like Buffalo, SF, SEA, STL, Oakland, and Denver. The one loss: NE. The other divisional loss this year? The Jets...and Favre got better. I am not Pennington did.

Dare I hope?


shoshana.danon-perkins said...

Of course you dare hope! Without hope, what is left. Even with the Redskins out of the playoffs (*looks around to check* Yay!), there is still hope that they will win the final game.

My hope: Pats and Dolphins in. Jets out.

Flarf said...

my hope: go Buffalo!

As a devoted Jets fan (who, incidentally, still thinks Pennington should be standing behind center in the Meadowlands), I can't believe we're in this situation after... or that we LOST to teams like oakland and seattle