Sports Roundup

Jim Zorn of the 'Skins says he might be the worst coach in the league. There is falling on your sword and then there's just asking to get canned after your first year in the head coach slot. Seriously, a lot of coaches are getting fired. Humility might serve you well. This might make it tough to keep you on. Oh, and I don't think he's the worst coach. You'd have to look to Detroit, where they seem to be running a Barney special mixed in with an ashram:

"It's the invisible, I guess. No, that's what I'm saying. I believe in the
invisible. I do. I think you go out and you have faith in what you do. If you
don't have it, you're nothing. You're not a man.

Speaking of good feelings, it is not surprising to me that Sean Avery has anger issues. I am surprised that the NHL and the Dallas Stars want him to resolve them. You hired the most obnoxious bruiser on ice. What did you think you were getting? And the icing on the cake is that the Stars won't take Avery back after the suspension for his misogynistic remarks. Wait. What? Since is "sloppy seconds" considered so risque that it requires indefinite leave? He was trash talking an opponent for chirssakes! Hockey, what have you done with my sport?

And finally, the Pats. It annoys me to no end that the AFC East has proven so good that the 8-5 Broncos may make the playoff while 2/3 9-5 teams, the Pats, Jets, and 'Fins, will have to stay home. The Broncos don't have what it takes to make the post-season, and here I am, hoping for a miracle. (grumble)

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