Olberman Feigns an Even Hand

MSNBC removed him and Chris Matthews as lead election correspondents because even the left thought they were too liberal -- the elites didn't want to out-FoxNews FoxNews. He's the cornerstone of MSNBC's nightly lineup primarily as an answer to Dobbs and O'Reilly. The man can't wait to go on a tear against anyone who offends his liberal sensibilities - Hillary, Sarah, Bush, Bush, Bush.

But Mr. Olberman sees himself as a journalist of the old creed. He's honest, fact-driven, and independent. He wanted the hosts of "The View" to know that. His proof? He doesn't vote.

Keith, I am pretty certain that - despite our secret ballot system - everyone who has seen even your sports broadcasts knows who you'd vote for, so you can stop the charade. Second, it is a secret ballot. Wouldn't you accomplish the same by voting and then not telling us who you voted for? At least then you'd be setting a good and very public example of the importance of the franchise, even in bleedin'-blue New York. I mean, seriously?! How can you cover the campaign night after night, getting to speak directly with the most prominent political figures in American politics, and then not vote? Perhaps you'll get it if I dress it up as "Football Night in America" for you: It's like you're an offensive coordinator. You watch film, you go to practice, you analyze every one of the opponents plays, and you do this all day and all week, only to decide when Sunday comes around that you'd rather hang out and play catch in the backyard. It doesn't just seem incongruous for you Keith, it hurts the team.

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David said...

His explanation / defense seemed particularly lame to me... I always look at voting as the price of admission for those who want to kvetch.