Licking My Knees

Spirit Air. Budget, budget travel. The seats are leather, cracked and
dirty.  Water is 3 dollars. My knees are touching the seat in front of
me.  The ad on the back of my tray table offers perhaps the only
solace - a beat up point of view photo of kayaking in the cool green
waters of the Bahamas.

I didn't pay 5 dollars per leg to select a seat ahead of time. I
didn't pay 10 dollars per leg to sit in the aisle, or 15 to sit in an
exit row.   You start doing that, and the 50 dollar difference between
this fight and the next one up in price evaporates - and you're still
on this beat up plane in these beat up seats.

Still missing the feel? Think city bus - and not the circulator or
even the newer busses places like LA, PHI, or DC - old ("classic") NY

1 comment:

purfuitofhappineff said...

Did you pay extra to be able to look out the window?

I remember an especially grueling flight to Atlanta, circling for 2 hours (back when you circled)being diverted to Birmingham (or at least the distant tarmac) to refuel, and try again.

Amtrak is nice.