Conservatives Want to Paint Bush a Moderate

People like Tony Perkins of the Center for the American Family says
that the success of ballot measures discriminating against gays shows
that the electorate was not leaning left, but rejecting the Bush
administration. Perhaps. And why does Mr. Perkins think Bush flopped?

The war. The global gag order. The rejection of Kyoto. The
deregulation, tax cuts and war on the estate tax.

Where in any of this or the myriad other policies espoused by this
President was there a shred of moderation. If anything, this was a
rejection of big government social and neo-conservatism. For Tony,
that is just not conservative enough. Forget his side's cries of
socialism, this form of conservatism is just despotic.


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David said...

Kyoto is a bad example - Clinton/Gore didn't push that either, and Kyoto is a dumb approach to a problem (it meets the "do something" test, but not the "do the right thing" test).

As for moderation, what about No Child Left Behind? Or the funding for AIDS treatment and other healthcare initiatives in Africa?

Seriously, though, President Bush was more a conservative than anything else, and it's silly to think that every policy pursued by any given administration will fit some particular ideology.

But you're right: Perkins' argument is bogus.