Obama has expressed to Sen. Reid his desire that Leiberman be permitted back into the fold, or, rather, that he not be forced out of the fold. Or perhaps that the Democrats permit him to retain his positions on various committees as well as his position squarely between the rival parties.

Ambiguities aside, I had championed Leiberman as the GOP VP pick because McCain was best at 'being McCain' and that McCain wanted to run with Joe. Still, I can't help but think that Joe lucked out as the GOP machine balked. I doubt he'd be welcomed back if he was on the ticket.

[There is a smattering of good stuff out there today, so I'll keep my comments short.]


Anonymous said...

He may not have been welcomed back, but he might have come back as President of the Senate....

elanit said...

I have been saying this way before it became the popular thing: strip him of Homeland Security and give him something else where he can do less damage and honestly defend the Democratic philosophy- education? Commerce?