Hail to Thee, Dean

I was not a Deaniac, so I only got to know "Screaming Howard" once he chaired the DNC. Then, of course, I got to see the product of his "50 State Strategy" in the most recent election. It put blue bodies on the ground in every state - permitting the Obama campaign to step into an existing mold instead of trying to both install ground operations and then expand them in a single campaign cycle. The campaign and the party become one when the former absorbed the DNC into campaign headquarters in Chicago - leaving DC out of the equation almost completely. I give Dean credit for this as well. He understood that what the party and the candidate needed above all was a unified, disciplined brand, and he had the good sense to allow it to happen quietly, without the turf wars we're used to hearing about. So, as he announces that he's ready to move on to his next project, count me a Deaniac.

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Jim said...

I saw Dean's campaign manager on a c-span forum. Very insightful. He said that someone's campaign in 8 or 12 years is gonna blow Obama's grass roots successes out of the water. As amazed as we are this year, we ain't seen nothing yet. He also suggested that the Dem's should do away with lobbist money as a whole party and then openly challenge the Republicans to do the same. He suggested that might be the Rep's downfall...one way or the other.