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I came down last night, stayed in the all-tan America's Best Value
Inn, for about 4 hours. The desk clerk who checked me in, checked me
out. On the way in, he cracked that not all folks around here are
rednecks. This morning, he was listening to Keith Olberman's
countdown. My landsman opened breakfast early for me. He, the janitor,
and I shared Krispy Kremes. I imagine that if you broke down the
campaign calorie intake, KK would make up a good piece of the pie
chart. It certainly put me in the mood.

It is dark and wet. Out here, I met my first Obama voters at the 24
hour Wal-Mart. A golf umbrella, 3 PowerAdes, and a poncho later I am
at the local high school. It is 5 and the line is just out the door of
the building.

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