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It has been a while since I waxed geeky. A few hardware thoughts:

1. Korean company, Nanovision, just released Mimo (in Korea). $80 gets you a 7" screen that plugs in to your USB 2.0 jack. $150 gets you the same thing with a webcam and touchscreen. Awesome! A place for your widgets/skype/chat.

2. Apple released the new Macbook, which is really closer to the MacBook Pro. (www.apple.com) The rig is neat and includes a glass multi-touch trackpad that acts like a button for clicking. My take:

a) The only thing I have to add to this is that the new Macbook (http://www.apple.com/macbook/) looks like HP's MiniNote (http://h40059.www4.hp.com/hp2133/)

b) Hopefully the brick will mean fewer hardware hangups than there were with the plastic MacBooks. They weren't a big deal, but we could do without.

c) The base price is up to around $1300. The tech/speed/graphics certainly mandates such a price and is actually better than most $1300 PC laptops. Still, there is a move in the market to create low-end lappies as well. That was a huge growth sector. I would expect Apple to have something in the $1000 price range as it did with the original MacBook.

3. www.mint.com Looks like a good idea for centralizing your budgeting. Still, I am skittish at the idea of adding another party to the pool of those that have electronic versions of my financial information.

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