That was ugly, this is dangerous.

The McCain campaign has taken to rousing anger at its rallies in the past week. Repeatedly calling Obama, "Barack Hussein Obama," constantly referring to Ayers as an "unrepentant terrorist," and naming Obama as a "leftist extremists," have led crowds to jeer and yell, spouting epithets and, in some cases, promising violence.

You want a negative campaign, fine. But, I will remind you Sen. McCain, that more than one man seeking change in the United States has died because those on the other side stoked the fires of hate. You had to live through that. I don't want to have to live through it.

Sometimes you make a request that will on deaf ears because conscience demands it. I ask the McCain campaign to back off the rhetoric. It is dangerous.

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Maxim said...

Certainly, stoking hatred is a dangerous and awful thing -- I deplore it with you.

However, Bill Ayers is indeed an "unrepentant terrorist" by his own admission, Obama's middle name is indeed Hussein, and he is indeed quite left-wing in the policies he has promoted and supported (so calling him "extremist" in his leftism is a matter of degree/interpretation, but is not false). These factual characteristics about Obama are troubling to some of us, and (other than his name) are certainly legitimate points for criticism. The fact that mainstream media (except Fox I guess) seeks to whitewash these issues, because they simply love the man to bits, hasn't helped us get good information.

Regardless, if the McCain campaign has found that emphasizing these themes gets their supporters into a hate-filled frenzy, that is indeed ugly and I'm repulsed. But political rallies are not exactly cerebral discussions of issues in the best case, and most often are emotional love/hate fests depending on the topic of the speech. So -- do you want to share any specific information/evidence on the matter (video would be best), in which McCainiacs are shouting epithets and promising violence toward Obama?