People Don't Watch the World Series Just Because It Is The World Series

ESPN and Fox report low ratings for this World Series compared to series past. The two examples? STL/DET in 2006 and BOS/COL in 2007. Two words: Fan Nation. Either STL or BOS fans could be swept in a World Series (though I doubt it would happen) and still get higher ratings because they care. The Rays...they have a fan base after this season. They just got to the post-season. It takes time to ingrain fandom. On the other side are Phillies fans. Poor, jaded, Phillies fans, who - in contrast to their ever-the-underdog counterparts in Chicago - took a look at their lackluster team and just gave up long, long ago.

That leaves the rest of us...and, quite frankly, there's football and the Sprint Cup to watch.


elanit said...

I've actually enjoyed watching the games so far, despite me not having a horse in this race. Besides for the Game 4 blowout, each game has been pitched very well and has been a nail biter. Both teams are pretty damn good, and I'm watching for Philly to lose and to see a young team make it to the top.

Shoshana said...
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