Yes, they lost big time. Here is what you won't read on ESPN:

- Deltha O'Neal sucked. The cornerback couldn't stay with his man all night. Worse, when he realized it, he began to commit passing interference violations. Those three or four long passes you saw - that was O'Neal's blown coverage. The Chargers just ran it for a few series and then aired it out over his head - again and again and again.

- The front four are still unable to protect Cassel. Madden made the comment that Brady didn't require a pocket to hold for 3-4 seconds. Perhaps, but one in every 4-5 snaps he *did* need time and he got it. Cassel's pocket collapsed like an old flan, forcing him to scramble for yards several times. That worked last night, but it won't work next week and for the rest of the season. We need to figure out the pass protection or we will dip below 500.

Here is what you will read on ESPN: We are a very injured team. We can't expect to play like last year's Pats with Brady, Marony, and Green out and a lot of others playing at less than 100%.

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