Virgin Limited Edition...You can't afford it, but you just have to look around.


Seriously. I clicked over there to check out the newest toy - the Necker Nymph - posted by Gizmodo. You see, the Nymph is a 3 person sub that 'flies'. It is related to the sort of boats that http://www.virginoceanic.com/ will be using.

Oh, and it docks with the Necker Belle, Sir Branson's catamaran yacht.

Which ports at Necker Island - private, mind you.

And that is one of several resorts in Morocco, Verbier (The Swiss Alps...just go there now and look...you just have to), and on and on and on.

Look, the man is a billionaire and these sites are at this point money-makers for him I imagine, renting out at upwards of $100-200K a week. (They sleep a lot of people and staffed and food is included because there isn't a Wawa at 3,000m in Switzerland...and you are filthy stinking rich, so you have no use for such trifles).

Anyway, enjoy.

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