NPR's Reaction to is it's top 100 SciFi/Fant Book List...priceless.

So NPR ran a contest to see the most popular 100 Sci Fi and Fantasy books. 60K voters later, they had a list. Then they handed the reigns to Glen Weldon on their Monkey See blog for a reaction. Result...a splendid dissection of the content. That includes the first and obvious comment: Why are we even lumping Sci Fi and Fantasy together?

The one questions I still need answered: Cryptonomicon is Sci Fi/Fantasy? Really? Ever heard of historical fiction?

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Jonathan P said...

Cryptonomicon is just one of those books that defies categorization. It has elements of Sci-Fi (though, more in a Science-almost-Fact sort of way). Cypherpunk Adventure might be the best that I could come up with.

Also, yeah. How is it that Faeries and robots-with-lasers-out-to-destroy-the-world always get lumped together?!