DSK Prosecution dropped...but if this was a strike, did it succeed?

So, first off, I understand that I should 'think horse, not zebra' on this one. But I cannot help it. The head of the IMF is captured on his way out of the hotel and to the airport. He's alleged to have raped a maid at the hotel. Big international scandal, DSK steps down, France gets to head the IMF, and then the case completely unravels. DSK's accuser lied to prosecutors, she lied to immigration officials, and the lies are about being raped - gang raped, actually. Prosecutors call the issues 'devastating' to their witness's credibility. They don't think she's lying, they just think they can't convince a jury of that.

So...if you're trying to oust DSK and install your own head of he IMF without having it land DSK in jail unjustly, congrats. You found just the right plant to do it. I'd if this was all being driven by some shady conspiracy, I just ought to know enough to realize it wasn't.

(For those not familiar with the phrase...doctors tell their students that when you hear hooves, think horse, not zebra. That is, when the evidence shows a cold or some rare disease, treat a cold.)

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