Baca, Hinchey, and Moore didn't vote on the debt ceiling bill. Really? Didn't have anything to add to this one?

Representatives Baca (CA 43), Hinchey (NY 22), and (WI 4) didn't vote on the Debt Ceiling bill. Just didn't vote. I mean, I am kinda sick of the whole thing, but seriously, you're a representative. There is no more national a conversation than the debt ceiling for the last month. Vote YEA or NAY, but for the love of god do some representing!

Am I missing an angle here?


Anonymous said...

There was a column in today's Examiner asking whether the members of Congress are earning their paychecks. If I were one of them, I would be embarrassed to be paid so much to do so little.

Anonymous said...

Technically, if you miss a vote in the House, your paycheck can be docked.