Forget the FOP, you now need a 'Thin Blue Line' Sticker.

So I have been seeing this sticker over and over and over all over the place. Turns out it is called the 'Thin Blue Line' and represents the 'thin blue line' of police protection that separates the public from, um, itself(?).

Anyway, if you're one of the cynical types that has a 'Fraternal Order of Police' sticker on your car so the po po choose to ding the guy next to you for speeding as you zoom past, you'll want to be adding this to your vehicular plumage.


Anonymous said...

I don't have either of the stickers, but I think the worldview has some Hobbesian truth to it: civilization prevents the "Lord of the Flies" situation here, and the cops are a big part of that protection.

Jonathan P said...

Supposedly, at least in-state, my fire department plate can serve a similar purpose. Does it work? No way to know. But, I was followed to the station by a BCoPD car a few months ago. After I parked and got out of the car (with his cruiser just behind me), he rolled down his window to tell me one of my headlights was out. I *think* that's ticketable, though probably at the cop's discretion. (In this case, I'm glad he mentioned it because I had no idea it was blown.)