Uncanny Valley

Image Metrics would like to tell you about their new realistic imaging technology, so they hired an actress. Then they scanned her, dismissed her, and created their own "interview" that looks frighteningly real.

In robotics, the creepiness of something that is almost but not quite human is known as the "uncanny valley." (Wiki Uncanny Valley). Robots are more and more convincing and attractive to people, until they get really good at it, at which point they suddenly offend the senses. This is the first time I've experienced a similar reaction from an animation, but I guess it makes sense.

HT: Gizmodo


Flarf said...

I think this is amazing... but one point of clarification... from what i understand, ONLY the front of the face is CGI... they kept all the real footage for the hair and body... still impressive, but once i found that out i was slightly less in awe

thegameiam said...

I didn't notice anything odd about the video at all - if you hadn't pointed out that it was animated, I would not have realized it. Wow.

purfuitofhappineff said...

I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out.
However, I think the eyes look dead.