Political Tidbit

McCain: Look, if Obama isn't using her, why don't we just name
Tool1: Despite Bill's comments, she is still a democrat.
McCain: Do we have a Hillary?
Tool1: We'll look into it.

It turns out that Palin is Sarah Palin of AK, not Michael Palin if Monty Python. A man can dream. All kidding aside, the GOP picked a woman. That is a step forward.

Why they picked her:
She is a woman (like Hillary - take that for what its worth), she's young (she's the age of Cindy McCain's 'upgrades'), and she's unknown (no baggage - hopefully).

Her liabilities:
You can't rightly argue that Obama lacks experience when you put Palin on your ticket. On the GOP side, there is a real risk that McCain could be incapacitated, even for short bits, and she would run the country. She's run Alaska - a state built on Ted Stevens' appopriations - for next to no time.


Anonymous said...

What are they (the GOP) thinking?
They hope to win the women who voted for Hillary?
They must think that Democrats are only interested in skin color and gender.
It's the issues, stupid!

It will be interesting how they try to sell her next week at the convention.


Rella said...

AK, not AL. She's from Alaska (the great state in which I am currently sojourning) and not Alabama.

thegameiam said...

Anon: I agree, it is about issues. That's one reason I'm happy to see at least half of one of the tickets has some executive experience.

Alon: other upside - she's been a strong fighter against the entrenched corruption in AK, and that fits with McCain's approach as well. Also, she's from a small town, and is solidly conservative (this is a plus or a minus depending on who you are...)

On the downside column, you could say that an inexperienced veep is better than an inexperienced prez... but in truth, she's the only one of the four who has executive experience.