Travelog St Louis

I am writing from inside Busch stadium. Impressions:

-STL is like MIL (the two clubs are duking it out right now in front
of me). The two are big, flat,and spacious. It is hard to believe that
this is the 6th biggest american city.

- the Arch. It is a beautiful line that hangs impossibly above the
city. Whelming - at the very least 'whelming.

- I just saw the tshirt girls hop onto the dugout roof. On the
jumbotron, a graphic below the college coeds is for "casino queen:
home of the loosest slots."

They know. You know they know.

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Shoshana said...

Re: third item--Oh my gosh! That is hilarious!

Hope you enjoyed the game. I expected the Brewers to win again but they decided to join the "bullpen blows it" club.

Anonymous said...

They know. You know they know.--

But do they know that you know that they know? How do you know? ;)