A long day's journey into night (completed).

When last we left our hero, he was sitting on the runway at BWI, readying to leave for PHL for a DCA connection. Well, that DCA connection never happened because the four hour flight to PHL had now taken 7.5 hours, ending at 10:30 - and DCA won't let flights land that late. Flights to alternate DC airport yesterday night, full. Flights today: available if you can wait until 8:30 p.m.

I can only begin to praise D & A, great friends who were willing to open their home to us on short notice (and what a gorgeous new pad it is!) near midnight. We caught up, caught "Z"s, and caught the Chinatown bus this morning.

And even with all of that, I can only say, "What an absolutely unbelievable trip." I'll be filling in the jaw-dropping details in an after-the-fact travelogue all this week. Hope you enjoy!


Flipper said...

Just to make sure I have this straight... you were supposed to change planes at BWI, fly to Philly, then change planes and fly to DCA?

Couldn't Super Shuttle have prevented your whole 7+ hour flight / overnight ordeal / Chinatown life-risking-bus-ride?

thegameiam said...

travel is rough - glad you're back home safely, and I'm looking forward to the stories :)