Google, the startup. Seriously, homepage redesign and everything. #Google.

Google announced a few new products in the past few days:

Google+ is by far the most important of them, with the company taking on social networking and permitting users to create "Circles" of their friends with whom to share content. Unfortunately for me, I think this builds on Google 'Buzz', a service that pops up in my Gmail daily and gets ignored just about as often (unless you count the errant click below "Inbox").

Verdict: I will wait and see.

Google Swiffy Still in Labs, this product takes in SWF (Flash movies) and spits out HTML5. And not just animations, but also interactive features. That means developers can take legacy Flash, convert to HTML5 and make their content iOS (iPhone/iPad) friendly. And before we launch into histrionics about killing Adobe and sucking up to Apple-cum-world's-largest-consumer-electronics-company, Adobe is itself working on a product code-named Edge that looks and feels like Flash Studio, but outputs HTML5.

Verdict: Amazing. Also, the king is dead. Long live the king.

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