But I like my iPad more.

I finally got an iPad and I use it all. the. time. And I barely play games on it. Here's a business use-case for the little bugger:

1. The rig: iPad (16GB wifi refurb + original apple case - seriously, why not? + stylus)
2. The most used programs:
  • PenUltimate for 'inking'. That's the name given to writing on the iPad. It is pretty good. $2.99 gets you the best program so far. Bamboo just released their program. It is a bit better, but it is basically in beta preview. Writing on the iPad isn't perfect, but it is pretty darn good and has completely replaced paper for my note-taking. I gave a briefing on the Hill yesterday and took nothing else. Worked like a dream.
  • Email. 'nuf said.
  • Dropbox and/or iBooks for viewing files.
  • Feedler for RSS. This program provides me the RSS experience I want: Massive amounts of information in a clean, dense interface. I also have Pulse and Flipboard. Both are great, but both are meant to look pretty. Flipboard is great for, say, reading Longform.org. Pulse is great for the opposite - People and TMZ rss feeds. I spend a minority of my time on either.
  • Good Reader - this is a program I don't yet have because I don't need it, but it permits one to 'ink' on PDFs and similar files, permitting you to hand edit/annotate a document. Everyone who uses the iPad like I do recommends it.
And, of course, I do have a little fun on the box.
  • TED has an app.
  • Snagfilms gives you access to great documentaries.
  • And Worms 2. The ninja rope, etc. are impossible to learn in the touch interface, but moving and firing most any other weapon are easy as pie. "Ach! Ahm Ded!"

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