Is the NFL Lockout really just about $80M as the new deal implies? #NFL #lockout


So the sources say that the players and owners have agreed to a deal where the players get 48% of revenue. Sounds good, but compared to what?

There is $9B in the current pot. Previously, the owners got the first $1B, leaving $8B, and the players got 60% of that. For those keep score at home, the players have $4.8B.

Under the new deal, they would get 48% of $9B, or $4.32B, down $480 million. But the players say they never got more than 53% of revenues under the old model ((9-1) * .53) or $4.24B, so the new deal would constitute a gain of $80 million. To put that in perspective, Manning makes $23 million per year. $80 million just covers the salaries of the 4 highest paid players 2009-2010:
Total: $87 million.

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