GMail Backup - charted.

That's the number of emails downloaded from GMail for each year. A few notes:
  • It went up. Not surprise. I think most of us would report getting more email.
  • That might not mean that my 'real' email intake went up. I suspect that many of these emails are junk that either got ignored and archived (instead of deleted) or immediately filtered to a subfolder and never looked at.
  • It actually shows how little email I get. Overall, these 40K+ average out to 22 emails a day. Clearly, most of those are back-loaded. That said, I struck out on my own in 2009, using GMail to manage both work and personal emails in one account. Given that fact, it is interesting to see that there is little deviation from the arc. Indeed, that is my experience. I do a lot of work. I don't spend my time on email.

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