Nancy Grace, I hold you responsible if Casey Anthony gets hurt.

Nancy Grace publicly stoked the fires against Casey Anthony for months and months now. When Anthony was acquitted of charges and released, she was met outside by an angry mob. I don't know if Anthony is guilty and, frankly, I don't care. Her crime, if she committed one, is one of many committed around the country every day - it is a big place this America. And her prosecution, if botched, is, again, one of many around the country every day.

But what is not part of America every day - dare I label it 'Unamerican' - is to threaten the safety of a fellow citizen who has undergone the due process we have set up to deal with crimes.

And why the hue and cry? Nancy Grace. The woman's vitriol against Anthony on a daily basis is what sensationalized this trial. Indeed, it did as much or more for Grace's fame than for Anthony's. And if Anthony is hurt because people want to take their own vengeance, it will be at least in part because of not just the coverage that Grace provided, but the tone and context in which she delivered it.

Again, I don't have anything but disdain for someone who kills a child, let alone their own child, but we tried this woman for that crime and the people with access to the facts presented said she did not commit that crime. If you are angry at Anthony's lack of human compassion in this ordeal, you are no better if you act in an uncompassionate way.


Jonathan P said...

Ah, but also be remembered: She was found "not guilty" and not "innocent"!

xerpentine said...

We never find anyone 'innocent' under our system. You are presumed innocent. If we cannot find you guilty, you retain that presumption.

Under your line of thought, any accused is not innocent. That stain of accusation means the best you can hope for is 'not guilty.' How would you feel in that case if you were the wrongfully accused?

Jonathan P said...

"wrongfully accused" -- but that NEVER happens!!

I didn't say the system was any good. In fact, it really, truly sucks. However, it sucks a lot less than many other legal systems out there!