What is the opposite of Garbage In, Garbage Out?

I was chatting this morning and found myself searching for a turn of phrase that that neatly sums up, "If you put something good into the process, you get something good out of it." We have the negative - GIGO - or garbage in, garbage out. But I can't find the opposite of GIGO.

GIGO is derived from FIFO - first in, first out - a stacking description like LIFO (last in, first out) used to describe the difference between, say, an ammo belt and an ammo clip. But that alone doesn't help.

Any suggestions? Gold in, gold out?

For that matter, do we have an opposite of garbage? Many things are garbage, but there is no one name for them before they become garbage.


Uncle Wally said...
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Scott said...

it's not particularly sexy, but perhaps - quality in, quality out?

Jonathan P said...

Well, you could go with the spam/ham thing and say HIHO! Of course, you're a bit tall to be a Dwarf.