Slate's Culture Gabfest - the least and shallowest of the them all, but still worth it.

I listen to every one of the Slate daily podcasts. You can get them all on one stream. They are: Politics, Hang Up and Listen (Sports), Culture, XX (Double X), Audio Book Club and a smattering of smaller features.

I just finished listening to the Culture Gabfest for this week and it is both exactly why I listen and exactly why it is my least favorite. The problem with the Culture Gabfest is that it is a culture gabfest - a navel gazing shallow picayune consideration of the mostly banal topic of the moment. The exercise frustrates because it often gives more thought to a thing than its creator did. In some cases, a lot more. It also frustrates because these people are so well educated and so knowledgeable about popular culture that you just wonder what they could accomplish if they did something productive with their lives. Imagine listening to the Cabinet sitting around talking about sports week after week after week; cool yes, but the futility would begin to wear on you. (If the hosts ever trip over this post, I apologize, but take it as an admission of your superior intellect).

So why listen at all? Two reasons:
1. iTunes on the iPod Touch as a 2x speed, bringing any conversation up to my preferred clip.
2. I do a lot of things to be exposed to matter I wouldn't see if left to my own devices. I won't read these books or think about the royal wedding or consider the post-tiger mother response by first generation asian american males, and that's just the past 2 week's worth. And of course, there is the occasional gem, like this:

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