Small Thoughts on Podcasts: @waitwait from NPR. It's a little like liking chocolate: everyone does but you still like it.

I listen to podcasts almost exclusively. I don't mean that I have neglected eating, raising my child, changing my pants, et. al. to listen to podcasts. I mean that I spend about 9 hours a week with audio on. Of those, around 1.5 are at NPR.org listening to Morning Edition and the other 7.5 are spent on podcasts. I got a request from the child seat yesterday for "mooosic," but until then, it is all NPR and podcasts in my world.

So I have some strong thoughts on podcasting - what works, what doesn't etc. I won't rant here, but I will give you my favorites. Here is a tentative list of reviews that are coming:

* Wait Wait Don't Tell Me (this one)
* Freakonomics Radio
* Radiolab
* This American Life
* The Moth
* TEDTalks
* Science Friday
* Intelligence Squared
* Planet Money

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
This is NPR's most popular show outside of the mainstays from morning and afternoon drive (Morning Edition and All Things Considered). Peter Segal, who penned a heart-wrenching screenplay of love in the time of Cuban Revolution that eventually somehow became Dirty Dancing 2 - Havana Nights (Google - Peter Segal Havana Nights American Life to hear how), Carl Kassel, and the team are laid back. The wit flows like water.

There was a stat about a year ago that males 18-34 got most of their news from The Daily Show. Yeah. Thing is, if you watch the Daily Show, you might get all the same information you get on cable news and they still have 17-19 minutes for straight jokes. Same goes for this show.

One recent development of note is a shuffling of panelists. The show has a host, an announcer, and three guest panelists who discuss the news and answer questions. I loved the old guard: Paula Poundstone, PJ O'Rourke, Kyrie O'Connor, and Tom Bodette. I hope they find some stable fresh blood.

And lastly, I can't resist: There is an Wait Wait stats blog showing panelist point totals and so on at http://closedsrc.org/_apps/waitwaitstats/. And EVEN BETTER, analysis of those stats: http://soquoted.blogspot.com/2010/10/bet-on-adam-and-kyrie-and-bet-against.html

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