You've Got Some Serious Stones

For once, you really can say, "Ha! We didn't have [blank] , we just had rocks!" Just pick up these whiskey stones, chill them, and place them in your spirit for all that cold with none of that pesky, flavor-altering water. And here I thought that adding a touch of water to Single Malts, Single Barrels, etc. broke the internal hydrocarbon bonds and released the aroma. In fact, I suspect it does, but Whiskey drinkers are all adamant that their various and contradictory drinking strategies are the only right way. C'est la vie.


Anonymous said...

Actually, adding a drop of H2O does break the surface tension and allow non-alcohol aromas to get through. But that is for a small amount of water.

Whisky over ice is a much larger amount of water than used to let the malt and other scents escape a good whisky. Further, cold dulls taste buds. Watering a whisky down and chilling it simultaneously really does not help anyone get the most from their costly dram.

David said...

< snark> And of course, while h2o is an additive about which one should be concerned, there's no reason whatsoever to be concerned with either the frost which will tend to accumulate on said cold stones, or the minerals released by the stones in the presence of a corrosive agent (alcohol)... < / snark>

Anonymous said...

Drinking it cold slows down the volatility of any molecules freed by the break in surface tension...

Who drinks it cold? Put it in a good glass - a brandy snifter will work in a pinch - and warm it gently in your hands. Inhale deeply before sipping it.

That's the way to enjoy whiskey (or whisky).