Safeway's Useless Affinity Card

Safeway issues an affinity card, like just about every other retailer in America. The card permits you to take a few cents off a few items in the store. Thing is, the register attendant always has a spare card to scan if you - like me - constantly "forget" your card. The thing is, I don't get anything for the information I give Safeway about my shopping and eating habits. Give me reward dollars, better deals, special circulars, ...something for all that information. Instead I get nothing.

So I found out how to get around the card without losing the benefits...or having to schnorr someone else's number at every transaction. Safeway permits customers to enter their phone number instead of swipe their card. This is what really got my goat, since the market is most likely selling this phone number + the detailed customer metrics to third parties for a pretty penny. That means they are making more while I still get nothing. I entered my number, which I know does not work, only to hear the klangon that tells the teller the same thing. I asked, as I do, if she has a spare card, and she just entered a number on her keypad. So I watched.

To get all the savings on a bogus number, just enter 617.555.1212 in a Safeway keypad next time you're in the store. Voila! Worth reading to the end of the post, wasn't it?


bachrach44 said...

They give you airline miles if you sign up:

Matt said...

Go for the miles. Or use my number to give me the miles.

Cinderella said...

Or just don't shop at safeway since everything you can buy there is cheaper elsewhere.

Shoshana said...

When I must buy there, I use my old phone number. By "old number" I mean the one that not even my father has any more. The card was lost well over a decade ago. :)

(BTW, at one point they were doing a "free gas" thing)

Anonymous said...

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