Things You Knew Because You Are Smarter Than Me

I had three original rock poster prints framed 3 years ago. To protect
them, I got an acid-free backing and archival matting. And custom
frames. Now the frames are falling apart, so i went to the art store
for new ones and discovered that the custom frames are odd sizes: 22.5
x 28.5, a technique the art store clerk explained was widely practiced
and aimed at preventing exactly what i was doing.

Maybe you knew this part of the racket, but I feel cheated. I spent
the extra money to protect my art and now that decision is costing me
even more.

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Cinderella said...

Use www.americanframe.com; you can order all sorts of odd-sized frames and it isn't that expensive. You have to put them together yourself, but it really isn't hard.