Small Musings

I just became a parent and, while this is not a parenting blog, let me
just make some early observations.

1. It turns out that sleeping 5-6 hours a night in 1.5 hour stints is
quite doable.
2. When a cry means you kid is alright, it doesn't bother you one bit.
3. After 10 minutes, everything you tell a n00b is nonsense. Boy, the
junk that has come out of my mouth - and none of it offensive to boot.
Go figure. 4. I have dicovered a surprising capacity for polka dots in
my life.

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Shoshana said...

Pictures! Or I'm coming over. (I still have a gift to pass along to you guys, so I might come by even to just to say "Here!" and shove it in your hands :) ).

AdinaLex said...

Everything is adorable on a newborn. Except black. That only looks good on adults...

Enjoy the polka dots. Good luck with sleep.


Marcus said...

uh... stints of sleep eventually caught up to Stef and I. I mean, we know you're superman, but get as much sleep as your little one and your jobs let you!

bachrach44 said...

Allow me to add a new blog to your RSS feed:

bachrach44 said...

Eh, sorry, that wasn't even the one I was thinking of - I meant to say the motherlode