Sui Generis

Sui Generis means "of its own kind" and is used in the legal context to extend a list of like items in a legal document. For example, a list of "bikes, including cruisers, BMX, mountain, and road" could be read to include triathlon and cyclocross bikes under this concept.

The posts on Small Thoughts have long been extensions of things I see on the web. Here's where I see them:

www.gizmodo.com (I'll rant about Engadget at some point).
market/finance blogs including RortyBomb, Seeking Alpha, etc.
news sites: CNN, NYTimes

And here's where I hear them:
Slate Daily Podcast
The Moth Podcast
Science Friday

That's basically my media stream. What you see here are reactions to that rather than thoughts 'ex nihilo' - from nothing. If you're confused, it might be because people routinely say sui generis thinking "That sounds like genesis..." when what they mean is ex nihilo.

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